IDA is geared to served different roles in your organization


 Data to drive more sound decisions and strategies.

A tool designed to simplify, empower, engage and help decision makers from any department make calculated decisions and identify solutions to daily and long term issues.

IDA was designed to support the need of any one in your organization from the top down.  Data statistics for any organization is relevant to allow insight to your day to day operations to long term strategic planning.  Having the valued tools and information to properly assess your organization is critical to make strategic short term and long-term decisions. 

IDA can optimize, direct any department and individual who are looking for clarity when accessing hundreds or even thousands of records of data information.  Our solution supports a variety of roles to help navigate them to make more calculated choices, supported decisions.

  • CEO/CFO (C-Level)

    For decision makers whose task is to navigate their organizations, identify opportunities and steer their companies in the right direction.  Data drives decision makers and easy access to information allow for leaders to make calculated decisions and strategies. 

  • Finance

    Designed for financial leaders and experts whose skill and ability to make profitable, calculated decisions designed to drive profits, directives, and mission.  A pulse on historical, current information drives finance experts to make strategic decisions and plans.

  • Operations

    Obtaining a clear concise view from all levels allows operations executives to see a pulse of their day to day.  Access to high-level data info and processes allow insight to see and prevent issues, navigate changes in supply or resources, assess staff, & department outputs. 

  • Sales

    Is our sales strategy working? Did your region districts meet their sales goalsr?  Will this competitor affect our market share? Valid questions that can be answered.  Improving access to the data info can help your sales team strategize, navigate changes, develop solutions, etc. 

  • BI

    Accelerate access to data info for the departments you support.  Eliminate the need for case-by-case, semi custom dept.  reports that require extensive setup or delayed access.  Empower peers with instant access to the information relevant to them. Streamline your energy.

  • Marketing

    Understanding customer behavior, industry trends, social media/ad response rates is relevant for marketing departments to determine appropriate marketing strategies and opportunities.  Easy access to statistics will drive strategy, measure effectiveness, assess successes & failures. 

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