Financial organizations accessing relevant data analytics reports is critical to not only the short-term operations but the long-term strategy and longevity of its firm.  Identifying “problem areas” and “opportunities” allows for strategic focus and planning.  IDA understandings of risk and how varied changes in regulations are critical to simplify, visualize and strategize. IDA was designed to simplify the complex and intuitively gain insight into possibilities and trends that are missing from many data management tools.  IDA is a data scientist, designed to support any organization identify solutions.

IDA can support Finance Companies:

  • Isolate, “layer”, and look at data easily based on institution, region, etc.
  • Assess the effects on your institution on varied changes in regulations (micro/macro levels)
  • Monitor, identify, isolate key performance indicator metrics
  • Forecast future outcomes through risk and security
  • Share information confidentially among teams
  • Group share capability with comprehensible visual and data findings.