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Finance Roles

Financial health is your responsibility.  Whether you are at the helm of a financial institution, a private firm or a public agency, understanding the finance roles/financial activity of your organization is critical for the health of your organization and for those that you share and collaborate information with whether it be owners, management, investors, department heads, etc.  Your ability to access data quickly to visualize the pulse of your organization is a catalyst that drives decisions based on varied trends, strategies and regulations.

Your responsibility drives departments and growth; being able to analyze and share financial information fuels decisions.

Calculated Directives. Shared Vision.

IDA can help financial executives:

  • Assess past, current financial status quickly
  • Visual forecasting with manipulation capabilities
  • Simplified report generation and team sharing capabilities
  • View forecasts on various industry regulation changes
  • Formulate hypothetical trends/variables and view potential based results
  • Create custom, easy to comprehend graphs and visuals
  • Access reports based on productivity, departments, sales, operations, region, etc.