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Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence experts are tasked to create simplified access to critical mass amounts of data to various departments and individuals within your organization.  Department requests can vary from complexity and traditionally would take mass amounts of time to create the reports requested by your counterparts.  Time is of the essence and profitability and unsuccessful operations for example can potentially fall on your hands as critical information is needed quickly to ensure responsive strategic or adaptive business planning.

Accelerate the Access of Information.

Often department or management requests are all urgent and time sensitive.  Empowering you to manage and data stream thousands or millions of records of data quickly to support multiple departments would allow you to be a valuable responsive resource.

The right application would allow you to accelerate the access of information to your associations that allow them to drive their departments.

IDA can help BI Executives:

  • Quicker Setup of System/Reports
  • Eliminated is the demand of custom reports and data merges
  • Simplified management platform
  • User Friendly Platform that optimizes BI/IT Staff
  • Optimized BI/IT staff resources